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"I want to thank you, Rhiannon for your excellent work as concertmaster! You provided leadership in a humble and respectful manner, creating an atmosphere that allowed all the strings to play with passion and confidence - a performance that was truly from the heart! I think Aase's Death [strings only movement from Peer Gynt] moved me as much as anything we performed."

- Don Bennett, Kamloops Brandenburg Orchestra Director, September 2016

"There's no question that Selkirk's music program dispatces a lot of talent each year, but here's someone worth noticing. Rhiannon [Nachbaur] is the only violinist to attend the jazz-focused music school, and her talent is matched only by her versatility. [She] received enthusiastic applause recently at her grauation recital whereshe played evocative classical music, beautifully mastered jazz, lively rock-and-roll on an electric violin with a backup band, and the ultimate fiddle tune, The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

"Though her first love is classical, Rhiannon admits that diversity never hurts anyone. She proved last week that she can master any form of music andclearly enjoys them all. Looking at her past performances and achievements, her future looks bright."

- Kootenay Express News Concert Review, April 16, 1997

"Rhiannon is a person who is very busy in her community but also finds time to do volunteer playing at countless events around the Shuswap and Kootenays. I admire her in that everything she is involved in, she puts her heart and soul into it, as well as her boundless energy and talent. She really cares about everything she is involved with, and the growth of violin music in this community."

- Julia, former student

"Rhiannon shares her gift with energy, grace, and class; looking up with a smile and a nod each time another of her local fans say, “Hi Rhiannon!” The lovely gowns she wears when playing evoke a sense of culture and romance throughout the crowds that gather. Whatever brings Rhiannon about town, she is always herself… she is forever ours."

- Vicky, Clear Technical Documentation Services

"Rhiannon's passion is music. In her case, it isn't only an interest or a hobby, it's a living, and to some extent, a calling."

- Louise, Mediability Corporate Communications

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